We are setting out to build a home and demonstrate the cultural impact of sound. Support our efforts and receive a limited edition gift. 

In 2021, ISM will begin to present ways in which sound and music can be a vehicle for change - and we will explore the potential and possibility of a new center, or physical home, for sound, immersive art and electronic music culture in Berlin.

The Vision

Institute for Sound and Music (ISM) was founded in 2017 with the vision of establishing a permanent home in Berlin.

In 2020, the global climate encouraged ISM to shift in new directions, considering partnerships and projects which connect efforts in sound and music with other communities and organizations working to build a better future, by aiming toward global sustainable development goals, and the ways in which we can do our part to raise awareness through sound, immersive art and music.

Through a series of global touring exhibitions, the ISM is raising support and awareness for this objective. In 2018, the ISM premiered with the ISM Hexadome at Gropius Bau (Berlin), and have since presented at Gray Area (San Francisco), MASS MoCA (Massachusetts), MUTEK (Montreal).

By making a donation, you help us cover the operational costs of the ISM and support ongoing and future events while enabling us to build the foundation for our long term goal

Donations over €40 will receive The ISM HEXADOME Listening Experience, a limited edition vinyl set featuring works contributed by artists featured in the ISM HEXADOME.

In Recognition of Your Support

For a limited time, donations over €40 will be presented with a unique, limited edition ISM Hexadome vinyl set containing:

  • 8 x Live Installation Recordings 
  • Pressed Onto 4 x 12" Vinyl Records
  • 10 x Interchangeable Artwork Inserts From Each installation

The ISM Hexadome Listening Experience

Spread across four pieces of vinyl, this limited collection features exclusive binaural recordings from the physical ISM Hexadome installation at MASS MoCA, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, presented in 360 degree sound from Suzanne Ciani, Ben Frost, Frank Bretschneider, Peter van Hoesen, Lara Sarkissian, CAO, Herman Kolgen, and René Löwe.

Each artist installation was recorded with exceptional detail, capturing the spatialization of the ISM Hexadome’s 52-channel sound system, utilizing advanced spatialization technology from the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe Germany, and IRCAM in Paris, France.

These special recordings are best experienced with headphones for the ultimate immersive binaural effect. 

Includes immersive sonic compositions from:

  • Suzanne Ciani
  • Peter van Hoesen
  • Ben Frost
  • Lara Sarkissian
  • CAO
  • Herman Kolgen
  • René Löwe
  • Frank Bretschneider

Donate over €40 today and receive a unique and limited edition vinyl box set produced by artists of the ISM.

Digital Prints

In addition to four records, this special collection also includes digital artwork from Jemma Woolmore, Tarik Barri, Heleen Blanken, Pfadfinderei, MFO, Holly Herndon and Mathew Dryhurst, Michael Tan, Pierce Warnecke, Herman Kolgen, AudeRrose and Heleen Blanken. 

Ten stills taken from the visual artists have also been kindly donated. These stills are a snapshot into the work of each visual artist for the ISM Hexadome, animated across six advanced laser projection screens in complete synchronization with 360 degree sound to create the overall immersive experience. 

Includes artwork from: 

  • Jemma Woolmore
  • Tarik Barri
  • Heleen Blanken
  • Pfadfinderei
  • MFO
  • Holly Herndon and Mathew Dryhurst
  • Michael Tan
  • Pierce Warnecke
  • AudeRrose
  • Herman Kolgen

Programme Partners

The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art is a museum in a converted Arnold Print Works factory building complex located in North Adams, Massachusetts. It is one of the largest centers for contemporary visual art and performing arts in the United States.

MUTEK is a Montreal-based festival dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and the digital arts. Its central platform is an annual five-day event in Montreal that takes place in late August.

Sizable, renovated historic theater featuring creative events relating to art and technology.

Epson is one of the world's largest manufacturers of computer printers, and information and imaging related equipment.

Meyer Sound Laboratories manufacture self-powered loudspeakers, multichannel audio show control systems and electro acoustic architecture.

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation.

Squareball are a product studio from Berlin who design and build solutions for ambitious startups and global organisations. We offer development, UX, design and product management expertise.